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Month: May 2017

The Importance of Goals in Life (And Why You Should Have Them)

Goals and ambitions (should) provide a sense of direction and purpose.

They don’t have to be writ in stone and uncompromising, but a clear idea of where to go is something I couldn’t live without.

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Your Financial Story Arc

Saving money and thinking about retirement can be overwhelming – I spent years shying away from the topic because A) it’s a hundred years from now so why bother caring? and B) there seem to be so many different elements, ignoring it seems like a pro-active choice. But then I realized that I didn’t have to think about it like that.

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How Gaming Systems Can Teach You (and your kids) About Instalment Loans

In 1989, Nintendo released the first Game Boy.

who wouldn’t want this?

Why is this important? Because six years later, my brother and I, at the tender ages of 10 and 5, decided that we desperately needed one.

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Why Raggedly Rich?

Raggedly Rich because looks can be deceiving.

Just because something’s scuffed up and ragged, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold value. Some of the softest sweaters I have got that way because I’ve had them for years. It’s become the cultural norm for everything to be new and shiny – commercials and advertisements are rampant with ‘you’re not good enough’ mentality, trying to convince you that you need the latest this and the latest that. I’m not a proponent to living in squalor in the interest of saving, but I do think that identifying what’s important to you and why has gotten lost in the wash of mass media.

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