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Frugal Save Friday – Thrifty, Frugal Dates

This week was a little slow for me. I got some creative work done, fixed the opening chapter of my novel, wrote some posts, and connected with what feels like dozens of personal finance bloggers in the community! (It was probably more like just one dozen – maybe a baker’s dozen; but they’re all awesome as fresh hot buns from the oven)

But other than working all weekend long at my joe-job (Saturday – Monday), attending a birthday party, and learning that I’m no longer 18 and able to function well on 3.5 hours of sleep – nothing much happened in my life, which made being thrifty and frugal and raggedly pretty easy.

The one thing I did save on, was a date.

Personally, I don’t want any guy to feel like they need to ‘take care’ of me or spend money on me. I actually feel pretty uncomfortable when people do spend money on me. I view dating especially as an equal partnership, with both parties responsible for pulling their own weight. All parties need to bring to the table open communication, honesty, and intent. I’m looking for someone who I can share my future with, not someone to enjoy a fling with. (Though if I was, my attitude would be completely different!)

I brought an instant latte to my coffee date last week, and didn’t get any funny looks for my raggedly inclinations. That’s a point in my book! But after that first initial coffee date, the options for ‘date’ related activities doesn’t seem very varied. After just one date, it seems a little early to suggest hanging out at one of our places, so what options are there?

  • The movie theatre (see below)
  • Concerts (eh, not a music kind of person)
  • Laser tag (that was a great date!)
  • Dinner (but mostly homemade)
  • Hiking (except in winter)
  • Skating (in winter)

… clearly I’m not very creative.

deer butt!

A movie was suggested, but I don’t really have any interest in anything currently out, and I don’t very much like the idea of movies as early dates. You talk for 20 minutes, sit in the dark in silence for 1.5-2 hours, and then talk for 20 minutes after the fact. Not a lot of quality getting-to-know-you time, and the most exciting things that happens is the ‘will we, won’t we’ peripheral handholding dilemma, which just distracts from the movie anyway!

So instead I suggested a walk around the lake, which went over well. Free, close to both of us, gets the muscles moving, and it would’ve felt weird to have dinner at one of our houses at this point. (It’s also a little overcast, so points for not having to deal with the sunlight!) Also, we saw a deer so! It was about ten feet away, munching at some grass. Ah, nature.

I am looking for more suggestions about thrifty, frugal dates! I’m raggedly, and I think it’s important to be honest about that from the get-go. I don’t want to pretend that I’m the kind of person who loves being doted on, and loves going to fancy meals and expensive dates. That’s just going to be setting myself up for failure.

We’ll see how it goes!

Notable moments of thrifty frugal saves:

  • Brought nummy lunches and snacks and home coffee to all three work shifts – no food court for this gal!
  • Gifted my fancy, but pretty old and bulky, camera to my Buy Nothing Group

    Father’s Day cake fail

  • Scored a free card for Father’s Day – we made a plan to just add notes every year instead of getting brand new cards

Notable moments of thrifty frugal fails:

  • EPIC FAIL: I went out to do errands without coffee, and got so excited for the ‘free cake decoration’ that I asked them to put ‘Happy Birthday Dad’ on my Dad’s cake, instead of ‘Happy Father’s Day’. And then it took me a minute and a half to realize that his birthday’s in April, but it was too late at that point to call them back. Alas. At least now I know that birthday cake tastes the same as Father’s Day cake! I also promptly had a coffee on my return home.

Do you have any cheap / frugal date ideas? What were your frugal saves and fails this week?


  1. Before we got married, I liked going to the park and doing a picnic and frisbee toss. Not a first date, probably, but it’s cheap and fun and different.

    • Ms. Raggedly Rich

      June 23, 2017 at 11:51 am

      Frisbee sounds like a great idea – I actually have on permanently hanging out in the back of my car. I will keep it in mind if I ever get to that point! Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Lolol your cake fiasco hahaha. Must have been a hoot!

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