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The Vortex of Comparison And How To Avoid It

There’s a vortex that’s trying to suck all of us in, and it’s called comparison. And it’s got a really good friend called perspective that’ll sometimes let you wander to the edge of that vortex. When perspective decides to take a hike, comparison swishes on in and decides to take you out for a ride – and not the good kind.

Comparison is the death of individuality, and the beginnings of the slippery slope of dissatisfaction.

You can’t use other peoples lives as a reflection of the milestones in your own – we each have our own yardstick, and to measure one with a yardstick that is not unique to them is lunacy.

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Where to Find the Cheapest Photo Printing in Canada

With all the recent life-events happening with my family, we’ve got a couple photos we need to print out. I headed down to Superstore to do some instant-prints — BUT THEY DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE.

The age of mountains of physical pictures is leaving us. The Internet and online storage / Facebook / Instagram has replaced traditional photo albums with instant and widespread access – but there are still some things that a physical picture is nice for. But what place gives you the best bang for your buck? I took a look to find where the cheapest photo printing was in Canada.

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Your Financial Story Arc: Building Net-Worth

Okay, so you’ve figured out the first part of your financial story arc – earning money. Now what?

Step 2 is, you gotta build some net-worth. How do you do that? There’s five things I always consider when I’m thinking about building net-worth:

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Frugal Save Friday: Thrifty Krispies & Warranty

We made Rice Krispie square bars this week, and despite my Mum’s claims that I was being ridiculous, I pulled out the weighing-thing, and did some number-crunching for you folks. They’re not at all healthy (though they are amazingly delicious) – and they’re lighter on the wallet than I thought!

let the mathing commence

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Why You Need to Tackle Debt: Financial Lessons from Hamilton

“If we assume the debts, the union gets a new line of credit –
a financial diuretic. How do you not get it?
If we’re aggressive and competitive, the union gets a boost.
You’d rather give it a sedative?”

Cabinet Battle #1, Hamilton OBC

if you don’t have it yet, get it! – this is an affiliate link to Amazon

What’s Alexander Hamilton talking about here? Consolidating debt, and how that would benefit the union (aka you, if this was a metaphor).

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Guest Post; Biking for Dummies: Street Basics

I had a guest post over at The Frugal Gene today!

Hop, run, skip — or BIKE over, and check it out!!

Lily makes the best graphics

I spend my fair share of time on a bike during contracts, and I’ve collected a series of tips and tricks I use on those daily commutes.

It’s not as hard as you might think it is. Head on over whether you’re a beginning or an expert (and stay for the blog!).

Why You Shouldn’t Fall For False Advertising, feat. the North American House Hippo

There’re two PSA’s in Canada I remember growing up with, with the utmost fondness.

The first one is ‘Don’t You Put It In Your Mouth’, the words to which every 20-something Canadian child should know the chorus to. “You could get sick (ick!) – real quick! (ICK!) – real sick, real ICK!”

The second is the famous to Canada ‘North American House Hippo’, a PSA that came out in the 90s to help children realize that false advertising was something that happened, and to help them understand that you couldn’t believe everything you saw on television, no matter how real it looked.

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Frugal Save Friday: The Expenses of Nothingness

(nothing picture-worthy happened this week (other than the glasses), so here’s a picture I forgot to throw up of the awesome Canada Day dinner I attended! Best hosts, and theme’d party, ever)

After my super busy and oddly unproductive side-hustles last week, I feel like I’ve found a good balance back on the books. I could be working more hours at the store, but as they’re limited by payroll, I’m glad to find myself using the time productively elsewhere. But a whole lot of nothingness also lends itself well to living a raggedly, frugal life.

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Your Financial Story Arc: Earning Money

Part 1 of Your Financial Story Arc: Earning Money

Your finances mimic the rise and fall of a story arc – exposition becomes earning money, rising action becomes building net-worth, the climax is your retirement, the falling action is retirement withdrawals, and the conclusion, is, well, death.

financial story arc to the rescue!

Since the initial post on this didn’t really delve into the topics in detail, I’m publishing a four-part series to tackle the concepts in greater depth.

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Frugal Save Friday: Two-Hike-Week

we’re totally those people taking pictures at the peak

Two hikes in one week make a very rugged, tired, dirty, Ms. Raggedly. In lieu of summer hockey, which is taking a two-week break, I went on a 5-hour every-sort-of-hiking adventure on Monday, and a much more tame, moderate 4-hour hike on Thursday. Combine that with work and restocking the house after a week of the parents away, and I haven’t had much time to write. (And then I did have time to write, but I started writing creatively, and was a little worried that if I stop, the magical fountain will wilt and I will be able to write no more).

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