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Frugal Save Friday: Two-Hike-Week

we’re totally those people taking pictures at the peak

Two hikes in one week make a very rugged, tired, dirty, Ms. Raggedly. In lieu of summer hockey, which is taking a two-week break, I went on a 5-hour every-sort-of-hiking adventure on Monday, and a much more tame, moderate 4-hour hike on Thursday. Combine that with work and restocking the house after a week of the parents away, and I haven’t had much time to write. (And then I did have time to write, but I started writing creatively, and was a little worried that if I stop, the magical fountain will wilt and I will be able to write no more).

My first hike started off in a nice, not straight-up forest trail. It reached the base of the rocky part of the mountain pretty quick, after which there was a bit of not-technically-but-still-feels-like rock climbing. My cousin used a stick he’d found, but I packed away my poles so I could do it the monkey-way. There’s one part on the rocks where they’ve bolted in a chain to the cliff face, and you need to use it to leverage yourself on a thin ledge. It’s much more intimidating than it seems, and we met a trio of hikers sitting just before the chain. One of them was terrified of attempting it, and none of them had done it before, but luckily I had so I went first. After watching me happily chatter away while clutching on for dear life (I might’ve been trying to oversell the ‘easy’ part of it a bit), I coached her through her foot-work along the edge, and did a bit of light foot-guidance as she came down the vertical section. The three of them made it to the peak as we were packing up our lunch, and we were so proud to see they’d made it!

this is the chain part from when my hair was long, featuring my parents being concerned

The rock climbing is followed by some scree-skiing; the scree is so thick when you come down the top that you can ski your way down it, jumping into cushions of rocks that let you ride down a ways. It’s a much faster decent than the typical tip-toe down a mountain, and one of the reasons this hike is my favourite. My cousin made it down what felt like a third of the rocky part of the climb in 25 seconds – he’s got go-go-gadget legs.

I went to a Sunday Canada Day dinner, and explained to them I had to leave early to go hiking with my cousin. After telling them which hike (“hope you have poles!”), I told them my cousin better not show up with just sweats and a bottle of water. – he brought cargo pants, and two bottles of water. He did ask me to make an extra wrap that morning, and carried all our water and food for all but the last twenty minutes! I was not at all adverse to this arrangement. The second time we went I carried 4L of water in a little day-hike bag, so that made the big bag a bit lighter.

the second peak we did, on the right – the path was less daunting than it looks

The second hike was to a much more moderate peak, and I went with my cousin and a family friend. It took about the same amount of time because there was no skiing down scree – but the elevation gain and the technical difficulty was much less challenging. We’re going through a hot spell here, but there was a lovely cold breeze that made you feel freezing while your skin was burning from the sun. It was really, really strange.

But all’s this to say – I did not do very well this week with blogging, being active on social media, or being at all productive with my side projects. Things piled up and the time I had (namely Thursday evening and the evening today) was spent by being exhausted, and creative writing. I was in bed by 10:30pm on Thursday, and sleeping before 11. I don’t think that’s happened since I was sick, back in February. I’ve also written over 10,000 words in the past two days, which is great, just not as… balanced as I’d like it to be.

I was also featured as My Sons Father Best of Show yesterday! I’m so stoked to have been acknowledge by that blog; I enjoy reading it immensely, and you should all check it out because it’s great.

I’m looking forward to this upcoming week. The manager at my joe-job is back from vacation, which means I’m back to my typical average of 10-12 hours a week (in the last two weeks I’ve had a total of 47 hours – yay money, but yeesh!). More time for the blog, more time to write, and a tentative hike next week is in the plans.

Notable Moments of Thrifty Frugal Saves:

  • Finally bought some prescription glasses (my distance prescription is the saddest thing you’ll ever see, but it bugs me) at 70% off; I saved almost $400.
  • Bought a year’s worth of meds to save on the ‘processing fees’. Most insurance coverages in Canada only cover a limited time supply, so you’re kind of stuck, but since I don’t have insurance, buying it in one chunk saved me four times the processing fee – and I got them at Costco, who has a $4.50 fee. After being mortified at finding out I paid a $12 fee at a pharmacy attached to a clinic, I googled processing fees and found Chantelaine’s post about dispensing fees across Canada. The low-down: Costco’s the cheapest, and you don’t need a membership if you’re just using the pharmacy.

Notable Moments of Thrifty Frugal Fails: 

  • Caved after my Monday 5-hour hike and bought five-cent-candies and a medium slurpee. Going on a challenging hike doesn’t justify junk food, but it sure feels like it does…
  • I caved and bought some future-gift items from the card store where I work – it was just too tempting and perfect, and I wasn’t sure if it would still be around when I inevitably needed it. That counts as a proactive-purchase and not a fail, right? Right??
  • I’m posting this in the wee hours of Saturday morning… I determined not to repeat this next week!

How do you deal with your less than ideal weeks?


  1. I was expecting more hiking photos! Those rocks look sharp <- says the dull one here haha.

    How much were your glasses if you don't mind me poking? I need to get mine too but I've been putting it off since I don't drive, it makes me ugly and insurance only covers some of it.

    • Ms. Raggedly Rich

      July 8, 2017 at 1:49 am

      I only cut myself once on Monday! I’m glad I could never do that with you. I think I’ll take gloves next time. And the other photos didn’t conveniently omit my face ; ) I’m sure more hiking pics will find their way into future posts…

      I paid $163.19 with anti-glare, and that computer thing included. They had 70% off for family and friends, and buy 1 get 1 free as a normal promotion. My Mum got the BOGO since she needs more expensive lenses and a set of glasses as well as a set of sunglasses. The BOGO was the better deal for that; so I got to use the 70% discount 🙂

      I edited this three times – I think I need to go to bed, too much writing, I may be crossing into zombie territory, hah.

      Last edit: I think glasses look great on everyone, and I think you’d be able to find a pair that fit well 🙂 You’d be surprised how they grow on you! I don’t believe for a second they’d make you ugly! The insurance thing is a drag, but they do help. Even if you just wear them around the house, I find any way to lessen the strain on your eyes makes life better.

  2. Haha you’re just fine Ms RR! That price is pretty similar to the eye glasses I was looking at (in USD). I’m thinking well, I’m not glasses expert, but $170 (everything included) seems like the best deal around so far. I’m going to wait for a sale though, I’ve been blind this long, what’s another month 🙂 20% for semi blindness is frugal, right?!

    Oh I forgot to mention I also break my glasses, 3/3 died in my hands before the 9 month mark.

    Also, goodnight!!! 😘

    • Ms. Raggedly Rich

      July 8, 2017 at 9:37 pm

      Ahh – mine were CAD, but I think I might’ve been able to finagle a cheaper buy via some creativity on the internets. But then I read other blogs around and they seem to agree that between $150-$200 for prescription glasses is the cheapest one might find.

      Do you use contacts? And yeah, as reluctant as I am to say that a little prolonged blindness might be worth it… it might, at this point 😛

      Jeepers! I know those indestructible wrap-around glasses are for kids… but have you ever checked them out? I think they look pretty cool 😉

  3. The pics look incredible! I’ve done a few hikes like this where you have to scale across a tiny path… it always freaks me out!

    • Ms. Raggedly Rich

      July 8, 2017 at 9:34 pm

      Thanks! I love going up the paths but coming down is usually sheer torture for my less-than-sure-feet – the good thing is that they usually look more intimidating than they actually are.

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