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Frugal Save Friday: The Expenses of Nothingness

(nothing picture-worthy happened this week (other than the glasses), so here’s a picture I forgot to throw up of the awesome Canada Day dinner I attended! Best hosts, and theme’d party, ever)

After my super busy and oddly unproductive side-hustles last week, I feel like I’ve found a good balance back on the books. I could be working more hours at the store, but as they’re limited by payroll, I’m glad to find myself using the time productively elsewhere. But a whole lot of nothingness also lends itself well to living a raggedly, frugal life.

– WIP –

Novel Update:

I’ve edited my novel into a 70 page chronological document. It’s at 40K words, and it’s the skeleton of the book. It’s also pretty awful to read after the first ten pages, has a couple plot holes, and one too many “ELABORATE” placeholders. But it’s all in one document now, and I’m plugging away stubbornly as I edit it and make it (hopefully) sound nice.

Blog Update:

I also wrote a few backlog posts for this blog – before I started I had a dozen posts on the back burner, and I’ve burned through all of them. Definitely not impressed with myself, but now I’ve got the motivation to kick myself into gear and rebuild the backlog. I also finally got a nice profile pic for Twitter, and now I’ve set my mind to percolate about a logo. I was focused on content in the beginning, but now that I feel like I’m in a pretty good swing, I’m starting to think about the other aspects of blogging.

glasses were ready! they’re already so helpful

Lifestyle Update:Ā 

No hiking this week, but I did go out for a some hockey shinny on Wednesday. I have a stamp card from Christmas, and there were only three of us, so we mostly worked on skills. I’m focusing on my stick handling, and shooting – they’re getting better, but the bar did start off incredibly low.

R.I.P. lil’ Brown Mouse:

There’d been a mouse running around the backroom for the past week (two?) in my joe-job store – I never saw it, but there was tittering a-plenty from the ladies I work with about it. They called in the professionals (or, the handy-person mall-version of them?) and we got some trap set up. Apparently the traps with poison that the rodents eat, which… kills them. Eventually.

I went in for my shift and the poor little thing was sitting in the middle of the backroom, shivering and trembling. It didn’t even try to run when I opened the door, or the multiple times I walked past it. Apparently I can’t see anything suffer, because I decided that I had to put it out of its misery. Enter google, where I found the most fool-proof way to kill it would be dropping something heavy on it.

My plan was to cover it with an empty plastic cup, slide some cardboard underneath, tip it over gently, put it in a bag, and drop a milk crate of paper on it. And IĀ know it was the right thing to do, and I did it with the best of intentions… but my god, I still feel bad for having to kill the little thing. Its muscles were seizing or something when I came in to trap it, so it couldn’t get anywhere, but it was trying? The poor little thing was terrified too – or, hopefully, so messed up in the head that it wasn’t able to process anything anymore.

There’s gotta be more humane ways of getting rid of rodents than poison boxes – I think snap traps kill them instantly, and I’m definitely going to make sure there’s an alternative next time we have this problem (this is the second time it’s happened in 5 years though?).

Notable Moments of Thrifty Frugal Saves:

  • We’ve been watching movies that aren’t on Netflix as they come in through the library – free blockbusters, and it’s right by work so it takes an extra 10 minutes to pick things up. Libraries are amazing, and I wrote a post a while ago about exactly why that is.
  • I’ve been belt-less for almost two years (I hate getting new clothes), but have recently lost enough weight that I need to invest in a belt if I’m not going to invest in new pants. Bulk ordering from Amazon saved me shipping and handling!
  • I helped clean out a garage as part of an upcoming contract – I’ve managed to gift most of it through my Buy Nothing Project Group, which is a fantastic resource that everyone should check out!

Notable Moments of Thrifty Frugal Fails:

  • I bought 6 domestic / international beers to save 10% on the purchase – my bro had left two beers here last time they were over for dinner, and I’d drunk them during a fire I had last week (or the week before?). Anyway, I fell for a bulk discount and definitely didn’t have to…
  • I caved and I’m getting a glass screen protector for my iPhone – it’s a 5s, and we ordered my Mum a case and a screen protector for her new 6s (it took a month of deliberating, and she didn’t want to go near the 7 because it was way too pricey). But it was $8 (free shipping!) and I hope, in the long run, worth it for the added protection. I’ll let you guys know how it goes…

Please tell me I’m not the only one to crack under the pressure of bulk-purchases! 10%! On drinks you’ll eventually drink anyway!


  1. You are writing a novel?!? So cool! I feel like I am writing a novel when I write a few of my longer posts šŸ˜‰ Good luck!

    • Ms. Raggedly Rich

      July 15, 2017 at 10:06 am

      I am! Going slow, but it’s in the works šŸ™‚ But I get what you mean about the longer posts – sometimes….

      Thanks! And thanks for stopping by!

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