We made Rice Krispie square bars this week, and despite my Mum’s claims that I was being ridiculous, I pulled out the weighing-thing, and did some number-crunching for you folks. They’re not at all healthy (though they are amazingly delicious) – and they’re lighter on the wallet than I thought!

let the mathing commence

Here’s how it breaks down (not including tax, because that’s one-step too math for me):

Cost of Item Amount Used  Per Serving
Marshmallows 4.98 / 1kg 210g  $1.06 4 cups
Rice Krispies 6.98 / 1.12kg 162g  $1.00 6 cups
Butter 4.10 / 2 cups 0.25 cups  $0.51 quarter cup
Vanilla 4.00 / 46ml 5ml  $0.43 5ml
Total  $3.00 / 9 servings
$0.33 per serving

The vanilla is pretty optional – I wish I thought of getting a picture of the final product, but… it’s sort of all gone. You made it 24 hours, slab of sugar. You did well. You did well.

For those recipe inclined of us, it’s so easy, I found it easy:

  1. Melt the butter on low-medium heat; melt it slooooowly. Some comment somewhere said this was the key to gooey? It worked for me!
  2. Once melted, add the marshmallows and melt on low-medium heat… slooooowly. I stirred throughout the process but I’m not sure if that was necessary.
  3. This is where my Mum decided to go off-recipe like the kitchen rebel she is and add a teaspoon of vanilla extract (my Mum’s usually so ‘free’ with measurements that when she asked my Dad to measure out a third of a cup he said: “What cup – we have lots of cups, what kind of cup do you want me to use?” – trust me, that’s a reflection of her cooking style, not his ignorance of kitchen-things :P)
  4. Once melted, add Rice Krispie’s, and try not to crush them as you stir it all together; remove from heat once Rice Krispie’s are coated.
  5. Put into a buttered baking dish (9″x13″ is what we used), and squish flat. I’m sure this would be a great time to make fun shapes with them too. “It cools fast!” according to my Mum, but probably not as fast as her voice made it seem.
  6. Let cool and then promptly devour.

Sugary, delicious dessert for $3.00, with leftovers. Not to shabby, though it disappeared alarmingly quick.

And!! I guest-posted on The Frugal Gene this week, which was fantastic.

As a car-free household, I figured ‘Biking for Dummies: Street Basics‘ would be a nice fit for Lily’s blog, and she made the lovely graphics so I’d call it a success!

I’ve also decided to learn JavaScript. I’m not sure how I’ll be as a coder, but I think that it’ll be a flexible job that will help generate me more income on the side. I’m also not sure if I’m being a little too ambitious, blogging, joe-jobbing, working on contracts, AND adding learning a computer language into the mix, but so far… it’s going okay. I made a stupid website that looks circa 1987, with some pictures. It makes me laugh.

Our bundled (and therefore $0 S&H) order finally came in from Amazon.

my Mum’s – so smooth and shinyyyy

Specifically, the Tech Armour Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for my iPhone 5s – I’ve fallen in love with my phone again. I upgraded from the plastic protector that came with my old old Otterbox (I went for a slimmer case, this summer), and the biggest difference is that the new one feels like shiny new glass.

For $8 (Canadian), you can get one on Amazon here (affiliate link) – but they’ll definitely sell some sort of glass protector at your local cell phone store too, if you prefer (though it’ll probably more expensive).

My Mum got one for her iPhone 6s too, but it arrived cracked in the top left. Instead of returning it via Amazon (and go screen-protector-less for another week), we contacted warranty support and almost instantaneously had a new one being shipped to us, free of charge (though any subsequent replacements will have a S&H fee attached). Excellent costumer service in this instance, though I can’t yet speak to the ‘lifetime warranty’ experience of it… but it’s so shinyyyy.

Notable Moments of Frugal Thrifty Saves:

  • I’m using thenewboston’s youtube playlist of “XHTML and CSS Tutorial”s as my introduction into the coding world. Apparently you can’t just ‘jump in’ to JavaScript. Noted. He also runs The New Boston website, with loads of tutorials for web development.
  • Managed to ride my motorcycle to work twice; save at least half the gas!
  • Homemade Rice Krispie squares at $0.33 a serving!!
  • My Dad’s sunglasses broke less than a year after the last warranty repair – technically they were two years past the purchase date (2014), but we got in touch with warranty support, and the company agreed to fix it for us! Just gotta pay a fee and S&H – which is a lot cheaper than getting new sunglasses! It never hurts to check!

alas, poor sunglasses

Notable Moments of Frugal Thrifty Fails:

  • I bought some KIND bars, in the hopes of taste-testing and cracking the recipe so I could make my own. They’re pretty pricey ($1.75 each), but they’re the bar my picky buds have liked the most so far. There’s a lot of talk out there about binding agents – does anyone have any suggestions?

Anyone have frugal, easy recipe’s that’ll wow at a potluck?!