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Month: October 2017

Raggedly Rich’s Lifestory Milestones

Lilly, over at The Frugal Gene, did a post about the Cast of Characters that formed the foundation of her approach to personal finance and influenced her growing up. I’ll wait here while you check it out, because it is a really great read! …

All done? Perfect! Then you’re sort-of warmed up for what I’m about to do.

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If Your Life Revolves Around Work and Not the Other Way Around – Are You Doing It Wrong?

I ask this question because: I was talking to my joe-job manager recently, jokingly, about how we were going to muntiy. I would become the store manager, and she would take on the regional manager’s job, who we would promote up to the next step and so on.

But here’s the thing – if you’re a manager with most corporate retail jobs: their standards are two pay-grades above you.

What does that mean?

I have not encountered a corporate (retail) joe-job where anyone expects your life and mental health to be prioritized above the company.

‘Work doesn’t revolve around your life; you work, so that you can have a life.’

To which I say: UM. NO.

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TFSA stands for Tax-Free Savings Account, and they’re a saving resource for Canadians. But WTF are they and how do they work? If you try looking at the Government of Canada website, it feels a lot like the Internet equivalent of Professor Binn’s History of Magic class.

You might have no idea what it is, or have a little bit of an idea (like me) – or you might know everything there is to know about them (in which case, please let me know if I got something wrong).

Now that I’m seriously looking into, and saving for, a home, I’m starting to think about all that dough I have in my TFSA, and how it all works. Follow me on this self-learning, maybe-educational journey about the TFSA…

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