Throw out your Oxford English Dictionary and its insistence that rich is all about money and assets. The ‘bountiful and plentiful’ definition is a little more in line with my thinking, but this blog is all about discovering the riches that might not look like riches to other people.

I’m not in a business (theatre) where I can make a lot of money, but that doesn’t mean I can’t utilize the money I do have in the best way possible. And the best way for me might not mean the best way for someone else.

I’m an artist, I’m a writer, and I want to share my experiences and my passions with others. I want to show people how I’m trying to pursue my dreams and passions with little possibility of ever making a six-figure income. How I’m content and happy with where I am right now in my life, and how I want to realize my ambitious dreams of publishing a novel, touring a great show, and buying a house in 3-5 years.

It might not be sweeping the nation, but I think this blog has a place in the world. As a favourite Broadway-tune of mine from the musical [title of show] says: “I’d rather be nine people’s favourite thing, then a hundred people’s ninth favourite thing.”