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Guest Post; Biking for Dummies: Street Basics

I had a guest post over at The Frugal Gene today!

Hop, run, skip — or BIKE over, and check it out!!

Lily makes the best graphics

I spend my fair share of time on a bike during contracts, and I’ve collected a series of tips and tricks I use on those daily commutes.

It’s not as hard as you might think it is. Head on over whether you’re a beginning or an expert (and stay for the blog!).

Frugal Save Friday: Two-Hike-Week

we’re totally those people taking pictures at the peak

Two hikes in one week make a very rugged, tired, dirty, Ms. Raggedly. In lieu of summer hockey, which is taking a two-week break, I went on a 5-hour every-sort-of-hiking adventure on Monday, and a much more tame, moderate 4-hour hike on Thursday. Combine that with work and restocking the house after a week of the parents away, and I haven’t had much time to write. (And then I did have time to write, but I started writing creatively, and was a little worried that if I stop, the magical fountain will wilt and I will be able to write no more).

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4 Tips if Your Struggling to Afford Hockey in Canada

I talked a little bit about this when I explained why I chose raggedly rich as my blog domain, but I’d like to delve a little further into the topic. I think organized sports are important for kids for a multitude of reasons, and while this post is specifically for ice hockey, but the information is applies across the board.

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Frugal Save Friday – Thrifty, Frugal Dates

This week was a little slow for me. I got some creative work done, fixed the opening chapter of my novel, wrote some posts, and connected with what feels like dozens of personal finance bloggers in the community! (It was probably more like just one dozen – maybe a baker’s dozen; but they’re all awesome as fresh hot buns from the oven)

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The Key to Exercising Consistently on a Budget and Staying Healthy

I’ve spent the past four days this weekend on vacation, indulging in gluttony, enjoying some delicious, new-to-me food (first official taco – checkmark!) – and so I figured, what can I post about, other than how I counter the act of stuffing myself. So, here goes!

The raggedly rich way to exercise on a budget is to be honest with yourself about what you’d like to do, what you’re going to do, and how you can afford to do it. I find exercise to be key in staying healthy and happy, and you can definitely do it on a budget. My go to’s are: ice hockey, yoga / stretching, and hiking.

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Living Abroad: 8-Weeks Out of Town Without A Budget

Getting your foot in the door is a pretty important in the arts world, and I think I’ve finally managed to start doing that in a meaningful way after two and a half years. I graduated University in 2014, and have been working (mostly) steadily in the arts, meaning: three to five contracts a year, of varying quality, and joe-jobs to fill the in-between time.

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Start Taking Full Advantage of Your Public Libraries Right Now!

For a minimal (or a non-existent, in my case) fee, you can enjoy the plethora of treasures that the local library has to offer. I love my library, and I’m keen to start using it to its fullest potential; for instance, I had no idea I could get the latest blockbuster from my library. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from most public libraries:

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The Importance of Goals in Life (And Why You Should Have Them)

Goals and ambitions (should) provide a sense of direction and purpose.

They don’t have to be writ in stone and uncompromising, but a clear idea of where to go is something I couldn’t live without.

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Why Raggedly Rich?

Raggedly Rich because looks can be deceiving.

Just because something’s scuffed up and ragged, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold value. Some of the softest sweaters I have got that way because I’ve had them for years. It’s become the cultural norm for everything to be new and shiny – commercials and advertisements are rampant with ‘you’re not good enough’ mentality, trying to convince you that you need the latest this and the latest that. I’m not a proponent to living in squalor in the interest of saving, but I do think that identifying what’s important to you and why has gotten lost in the wash of mass media.

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