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Frugal Save Friday: The Expenses of Nothingness

(nothing picture-worthy happened this week (other than the glasses), so here’s a picture I forgot to throw up of the awesome Canada Day dinner I attended! Best hosts, and theme’d party, ever)

After my super busy and oddly unproductive side-hustles last week, I feel like I’ve found a good balance back on the books. I could be working more hours at the store, but as they’re limited by payroll, I’m glad to find myself using the time productively elsewhere. But a whole lot of nothingness also lends itself well to living a raggedly, frugal life.

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Frugal Save Friday: Two-Hike-Week

we’re totally those people taking pictures at the peak

Two hikes in one week make a very rugged, tired, dirty, Ms. Raggedly. In lieu of summer hockey, which is taking a two-week break, I went on a 5-hour every-sort-of-hiking adventure on Monday, and a much more tame, moderate 4-hour hike on Thursday. Combine that with work and restocking the house after a week of the parents away, and I haven’t had much time to write. (And then I did have time to write, but I started writing creatively, and was a little worried that if I stop, the magical fountain will wilt and I will be able to write no more).

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Frugal Save Friday – Clean Cars and Emulating Habits

This week I took on a task I’ve been neglecting for over a year – cleaning the inside of my car. I know it’s been over a year, because the last time I cleaned it must have been some time before the contract I had prior to my Euro-trip from Hell, which was last March (2016). I only had a week between the end of the contract and my flight to Glasgow, and after I came back… well, it took over 4 months to be able to walk without an Air-cast or crutches, and 3-4 months after that to be able to walk with a normal(ish) range of motion.

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Frugal Save Friday – Thrifty, Frugal Dates

This week was a little slow for me. I got some creative work done, fixed the opening chapter of my novel, wrote some posts, and connected with what feels like dozens of personal finance bloggers in the community! (It was probably more like just one dozen – maybe a baker’s dozen; but they’re all awesome as fresh hot buns from the oven)

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Frugal Save Friday – Mum to the Rescue

I’m adding a weekly segment to the throes of other blogger weekly segments – and it’s called Frugal Save Friday!

Frugal Save Friday is my opportunity to reflect back on the week and post about an instance of frugality (or lack thereof). I think that frugality, and thriving in the raggedly rich ethos, is a lifestyle. It’s not a crash-diet – it’s a specific, purposeful, focused way to live your life. It’s natural for some, and a goal for others. I was set-up pretty well for a thrifty, raggedly rich life by the fundamental understanding of money that my parents instilled in me. But I still think it’s important to reflect back on each week and identify the things that worked, and things that didn’t. Things that were successful, and things that… could use some work. So without further ado, my very first Frugal Save Friday post!

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