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Guest Post: Ways To Save Money By Managing Expenses Proactively Instead of Reactively

I’m over on The Frugal Farmer this week, with a guest post about how you can save money by managing expenses proactively, instead of reactively.

Mosey on over and check it out!

Ways To Save Money By Managing Expenses Proactively Instead of Reactively

my full day of snacks and food for 10+ hours in a car alone

I put a lot of time and effort into proactive actions and solutions. For some people, it’s not second nature, but there are steps you can take to help take the stress of the unexpected off your shoulders!

Thinking ahead is good for your finances, for your wallet, and for your peace of mind.

Do you fall on the reactive, or the proactive side of things?

Guest Post; Biking for Dummies: Street Basics

I had a guest post over at The Frugal Gene today!

Hop, run, skip — or BIKE over, and check it out!!

Lily makes the best graphics

I spend my fair share of time on a bike during contracts, and I’ve collected a series of tips and tricks I use on those daily commutes.

It’s not as hard as you might think it is. Head on over whether you’re a beginning or an expert (and stay for the blog!).

Guest Post: Between Two Debts (The Power of Money)

This week I had the pleasure of contributing to We’re All Poor Here’s weekly Twitter Q&A segment about What do you love and what do you hate most about money?

I was joined by Tortoise Happy, Save Splurge Deny Debt, and Zero Day Finance.

Mosey on over and check it out!

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Imagination, Dreams and Money: A Collaboration

look at this beautiful graphic!

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