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TFSA stands for Tax-Free Savings Account, and they’re a saving resource for Canadians. But WTF are they and how do they work? If you try looking at the Government of Canada website, it feels a lot like the Internet equivalent of Professor Binn’s History of Magic class.

You might have no idea what it is, or have a little bit of an idea (like me) – or you might know everything there is to know about them (in which case, please let me know if I got something wrong).

Now that I’m seriously looking into, and saving for, a home, I’m starting to think about all that dough I have in my TFSA, and how it all works. Follow me on this self-learning, maybe-educational journey about the TFSA…

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Frugal Save Funday – A Semi-Frugal 44 Days In Review

My last frugal save update was… on July 21 (Thrifty Krispies & Warranty). It’s been a while! The past month has been a rollercoaster of productivity and lack of productivity, the gruelling contract that inspired the 5-Step Guide to Clawing Your Way Back From Devastation and Heartbreak. I also had a cold right before that contract started, which made life difficult, but didn’t knock me out like colds usually do.

It didn’t take me as long as it usually does to bounce out of funks, and I find myself slipping back into the groove of things I’d established before my three-week contract quashed any and all zeal for life. I also realized that I can’t do it all under those circumstances – my general creativity and productivity are tied closely to my mental health state, and I’m trying to find strategies that’ll distance the two a little.

Was this a frugal 44 days for me? Sort-of.

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