( Some of these are affiliate links – if you end up using purchasing by using one of these links, I’ll get a tiny commission at no extra charge to you. These are the services I use myself, but you can just as easily google them if you’re averse to affiliate links! )

For Flights

Skyscanner (US):

My Mum and I routinely use Skyscanner to find the best deals on flights. I usually check the prices here against the prices on the carrier websites – sometimes it pays to hunt around!

Skyscanner (CAD):

This link will take you the the Canadian site.

For Accommodations

AirBnB: They don’t have an affiliate program, but if we’re friends, let me know! They have a travel credit scheme for friends and family 🙂

( for more insight into AirBnB’s, check out the Frugal Gene, and her posts about her AirBnB Seattle experiences!! )

HostelWorld: you can search most of the hostels available wherever you’re heading towards – this was invaluable when I was hunting for the best deals during my Euro-trip from Hell.

HostelBookers: same sort of deal as HostelWorld, slightly different interface. You can cross-reference places, if you’re gonna really go for it!